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Bellatrix LeStrange

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[04 Dec 2005|08:48pm]
Ever since Ive left that place, I've been feeling so lonely. Angelina served as an amusment for some time, but she isn't someone who will stay for long. Our passion was brief.

Narcissa rarely comes to see me either. She is ashamed of me as a sister. I dont care, she sickens me. Blood traitor.

Every damn week that healer is here. I hate her, she is so twee. I may steal her wand and curse her... no. That would be foolish. I'm sorely tempted though.

I need some amusement. My paintings are begining to bore me also. There is only so much of real life one can draw when one does not have one of ones own.

I need something (someone) to do.

That damn niece Nymphadora may be coming to visit shortly. Dont know how much of this I can take.

yet more people to annoy me [09 Oct 2005|08:42pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

The healer came in and told me I have a visitor tomorrow. Wonder who that could be. If I have to speak to another reporter I may scream. Idiots.

I've been feeling very lonely recently. Maybe a visitor will not be the worst thing to happen. Sombody to play with, and I can show the world how I have 'changed'.

Honestly, the healers here are complete idiots. I've become very into my artwork of late, to keep myself occupied in this god awful place. Since my wand was snapped in two, I have very little to keep myself busy.

At first I drew snakes, snakes curling around my frame as I stood on a mountain with everyone cowering below me. The healers didn't like them and took them away from me, they said they were bad for me. They think they're helping my mind by stealing these possesions, they're just destroying me.

So now, as with everything else, I play their little game. Last night I drew a rainbow with myself holding a childs hand. The lady healer who seems to be around a lot liked it. She pinned it up on my wall, I'm looking at it now. Its a giant multicoloured lie.

I'm sick of this, I need someone to help me, why has my lord forsaken me? Maybe it would have been better if I had been killed in that stupid war. Maybe I did, maybe this is hell.


My time will come... [06 Oct 2005|05:28pm]
[ mood | vengeful ]

If they believe that they can keep me, Bellatrix LeStrange, captive against my will, then they are sorely mistaken.  I have been in worse places than this by far.  Azkaban nearly killed me; all I had was my love of the Dark Lord to keep me sane.  Now I have nothing.

Well, I have this journal.  No matter how much these so called 'healers' attempt to keep me prisoner here, I will not succumb to them.  I will remain me.  Although, if they need me to, I will play their little games.  I was schooled by the Dark Lord himself, even without my wand; I have powers most would kill for.  Powers I did kill for.

So when they say to me "Mrs LeStrange, would you like a glass of water?"  I shall smile sweetly and say "yes please," and when they ask me if I still want to raise my Lord, I shall shake my head in mock horror and say "Ohh no, no, I want for everything to be equal in the wizarding world!"

These things make me wretch, but if I have to, I will.

My sister hasn't visited me in years.  I don't care, I don't miss her.  Her pathetic family are blood traitors.  They are not as pure as me.  Although, I know that to leave this place, I need Narcissa to help me.  I need to convince her I am like her... I know that she has been through a lot these past few years.  I even saw her come into these wards a few months ago.  She ignored me, of course, did not want to be associated with my downfall.

I will rise again.  This journal be my witness, I will leave this painful, patronising place and become myself again.  I am Bellatrix Black-LeStrange, and I will return.


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